The superheroes of comic books, movies, and TV shows have nothing on these real-life crime-fighting horses and riders. According to a story on the BBC website, a volunteer squad of four horses and riders are teaming up with Dorset Police. The “posse”, officially called the Rural Mounted Volunteers, will report any suspicious people, vehicles or activity while out riding on the area’s bridle paths, lanes, and country roads. The article states that the horses will be equipped with reflective brush boots and rain sheets, and the riders will be decked out in high-visibility jackets that have “Police Volunteer” written on them.

“With their elevated positions on horseback, the Rural Mounted Volunteers have a unique vantage point and can spot many things that someone on foot or in a vehicle might not otherwise be able to see or even be able to get near to,” Neil Corrigan, Dorset Police’s temporary assistant chief constable told the BBC. “This vital intelligence sharing will ensure our teams are targeting their patrols and enforcement in the right areas, keeping people feeling safe where they live and work.”

Other areas of the UK have similar volunteer horseback patrols. Maybe Canada should get on board with our own mounted teams reporting any hinky shenanigans on the rural roads!