On June 29, 2019, Ontario’s interim animal protection model came into effect to keep animals safe as the province transitions to a new system that is more robust, transparent, and accountable. This temporary model includes:

  • A new toll-free number available 24/7 to report animal welfare concerns: 1-833-9ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625)
  • An interim chief inspector, appointed by the Solicitor General, to provide leadership on animal protection in the province
  • New temporary animal welfare inspectors, many from local humane societies and Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs), appointed by the chief inspector.

Appointed by the chief inspector, a team of inspectors will be responsible for animal protection in the province and will have subject matter expertise in livestock and agriculture, horses, and zoos and aquariums.

Inspectors employed by willing local humane societies and/or SPCAs will also be appointed by the province to continue delivering enforcement services. The public can report animal welfare concerns by calling 1-833-9ANIMAL, and calls will be triaged and dispatched for response by the most appropriate local entity.

Developing a new model for animal protection cannot be rushed, and is it too important not to get right. This is a temporary solution to fill in the gaps while Ontario transitions to a new model.