The New York City carriage horse trade is facing major changes if a proposal spearheaded by Mayor Bill de Blasio is approved by City Council.
De Blasio, who promised to eliminate carriage horses in New York City as part of his 2013 mayoral race campaign, wants to see the number horses currently working in the city reduced from 220 to 75.

Further, de Blasio’s plan would see a stable built in Central Park to house the horses, by October 1, 2018. This would be the first time in 159 years that the park would contain a stable for commercial carriage horses. The estimated cost of construction is $25-million of taxpayers’ money – a point of contention for many.

De Blasio has also suggested that pedicabs (person powered tricycles designed to carry tourists) be banned from operating inside Central Park below 85th Street, thereby eliminating the carriage horses’ top competitor within their operating area.

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