is pleased to introduce our all-new blog, The Pony Fairy, by Monty Gwynne.

Better known as the “The Pony Fairy,” Gwynne is the only Canadian-approved Alexandra Kurland ‘Click That Teaches’ instructor. She has used clicker training for the past 15 years. For three decades before that, she successfully trained horses and their humans using conventional means. Now, Gwynne prefers to use clicker training because, as she said, “It works better and faster, but, more importantly, it builds great relationships, and is fun for the horse and trainer. Clicker training produces an eager, interactive animal, who is engaged in the learning, a horse who wants to be with you.”

In her weekly posts, Gwynne will provide foundation lessons, then expand on these teachings to show you how to train anything you can imagine. Join her to start building a better relationship with your horse through clicker training.

We look forward to receiving your questions, comments and requests on how to train certain behaviours. Check out this new blog at