If you were an artistically gifted person with a passion for drawing horses and you lived in Scarborough in the 1960s, someone wants to talk to you.

A couple in the Toronto neighborhood were working with a contractor renovating their basement when mold was found, which meant the drywall had to come down. What was revealed was an adorable horse drawing (pictured above).

The couple who currently own the house, Anusha and Abhy Narendran, posted a photo on Instagram along with this caption: “We found this drawing on the foundation of our house when we started renovating. I am guessing this drawing could be from the 1960s.”The Narendans have lived in the Meadowvale and Lawrence area since 2012, but only began renovations as a project to occupy their time during the pandemic. The horse sketch was a surprise ‒ and now a mystery. The contractor said based on the material he’d torn off the drawing could be dated to the 1960s or 1970s, which was when the house was built.

The Narendrans don’t know the previous owners or the history of the home. Adding to the mystery was that this individual horse was the only drawing on the wall. “For us, it looks like this person must have been a real artist because of the way that horse was drawn,” Anusha Narendran told BlogTo.

She is also hoping to learn who the artist was. “I am just curious about this horse.”