The Montreal SPCA is looking forward to working with new mayor Valérie Plante of the Projet Montréal party on animal welfare issues, including banning horse-drawn carriages in the city.

According to a press release, by the Montreal SPCA:

“Concerned about the welfare of horses, the Montreal SPCA is asking the elected administration to maintain its commitment to abolishing the horse-drawn carriage industry. The SPCA, therefore, encourages the City of Montreal to begin the gradual and permanent phase-out of this cruel, dangerous and outdated industry by next summer. World-class cities such as Toronto, Beijing, London, Reno, Santa Fe and Las Vegas have done away with the horse-drawn carriage industry, and other cities around the world, including New York, are following in their footsteps.”

In addition, the Montreal SPCA demands clear commitments from Projet Montréal to invest in responsible animal services and adhere to the scheduled opening date of the municipal animal center in its term. They also expect Projet Montréal to meet its commitment to end breed-specific legislation (BSL) pertaining to dogs.

“This election is wonderful news for the animals in the Montreal area,” said Élise Desaulniers, executive director of the Montreal SPCA. “Citizens of Montreal expect to see big changes in animal welfare and services in their city during the tenure of Mayor Plante, with whom we look forward to working,” she added.