If you ever wondered if horses dream of escaping their paddock and roaming the open range, the answer is … maybe.

Take Mongo, a horse in Utah who went on the lam for eight years after escaping his tether as his owner, Shane Adams, slept in a tent. According to news reports, Mongo got wind of a herd of wild mustangs passing through the camp and the excitement to join up with his feral brethren was too much.

He broke free and Adams was unable to catch his horse. He searched for Mongo through the mountains of his state for three years before finally admitting defeat. Mongo was now a mustang, in spirit if not in DNA. But Adams never stopped thinking about his favorite horse, even writing songs about him. He also contacted the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to keep an eye out for his horse.

This past September, the BLM found Mongo during one of their notorious wild horse round-ups. The horse was clearly more domesticated than the others and it bore a brand that matched the description that Adams had provided eight years earlier. The two were reunited and Adams was beyond overjoyed.

Adams told the same news outlet that Mongo, who is now 18, showed no sign of worry about being saddled up once again. “It’s crazy, he still acts the same, same horse,” he explained. “Eight years of being wild and he acts like nothing ever happened.”

Adams and his family ride out with their other horses and enjoy having Mongo back in their lives. For his part, Mongo isn’t saying much about what happened during his eight years of living wild. We guess what happens in the herd, stays in the herd.

The Adams family is thrilled to have the wayward Mongo back home.