Beloved author Dr. David Perrin passed away in August. Dr. Perrin wrote five books his Adventures of a Country Vet series – all Canadian best sellers.

Born in 1948, Dr. Perrin was raised in Casino, a small town near Trail, British Columbia. He attended Selkirk College in Castlegar, the University of British Columbia, and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He graduated in 1973 and practiced in the Creston Valley until 1998.

According to his website, after a year in Hawaii where he began writing the first book about the profession he loved, he returned to his farm in Lister, B.C. He established Dave’s Press and began publishing books on his veterinary adventures: “Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn” (2000), “Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner” (2001), “Where Does it Hurt?” (2003), “Never Say Die” (2006), and “When the Going Gets Tough” (2010).

In 2004, Dave’s Press published a book about a young girl growing up in the fundamentalist Latter-Day Saint community of Bountiful, called “Keep Sweet: Children of Polygamy”, which went on to win the Vancity Prize for the best book published in British Columbia on women’s issues.

Dr. Perrin lived with his family in the log home he built on his farm in the community of Lister, B.C. If you have any kind words or condolences you would like passed on to the family, please send them to [email protected].