Cuteness overload! Pumuckel is attempting to make the Guinness World Records as the smallest horse at just 20” tall. Or should we say 20” small?

According to USA Today , the Shetland pony is three years old and is an “art therapy” pony who makes the rounds at schools and retirement homes. Photos in the article show owner Caroline Weidemann actually carrying the pony in and out of her car. No doubt little Pumuckel brings smiles and laughter wherever he goes.


But the title isn’t won hands down yet: the Guinness folks won’t consider Pumuckel until he is four years old. As we horse people know, that’s a better measure of full-grown height than a three-year old equine. Currently, the title belongs to an Appaloosa with dwarfism named Bombel, who is 22”. Should Pumuckel mature below that height, he will indeed be crowned the smallest of them all.