There is no shortage of moms-to-be taking to social media to share professional maternity photographs to mark this special time of their lives. For one BC artist and horse owner, the desire to celebrate an upcoming birth (or two) extended to her horses. Tiffany Jorgensen, a Williams Lake resident, set up a photo shoot for her two mares, Rosie and Tessa, during their pregnancy.

“They’re just very special, so they should be honoured,” Jorgensen told CBC’s Daybreak Kamloops host Shelley Joyce.  Jorgensen’s neighbour, Laureen Carruthers, happened to be a photographer with quite a few maternity clients, and an idea was born.

The images show Jorgensen posing with her mares, both of whom have homemade floral crowns adorning their heads and manes. “The beautiful floral crowns I had made turned into food for the horses, which was something I should have probably expected,” Carruthers told the CBC.

The images were shared on Carruthers’ Instagram where she posted, “Horse maternity…can’t wait for the birth photos!”

The plan is for Carruthers to photograph the new foals once they arrive later this spring. According CBC News, Rosie is due May 22 and Tessa is due June 14. While we aren’t sure what breed the mares are, according to the story they were both bred to the same stud. As for what follows for the newborn foals, Jorgensen apparently has plans for a foal ‘baby’ shower in the works.