The ultimate challenge of instinct, endurance and perseverance. Welcome to the true showdown; human endurance versus animal instincts.

The Prey:

A team of two will traverse 10km of rugged terrain; including forest, hills and rocks with only one objective – push your physical and mental abilities to their limits to elude trackers on horseback and with dogs. Victory will belong to the stealth team that finishes the fastest without being captured.

The Trackers:

A team of man and beast that knows its prey and has the patience to trap, herd or capture it. Teams of 2 on horseback or with dogs that know how to stalk a man and make him flee like a terrified rabbit.

Saturday September 18th, 2010 and Sunday September 19th, 2010. Just 20 minutes from Cambridge, Ontario

Are you ready for the Challenge? Contact: Mara Engel, Event Coordinator,, 519-623-4188 ext. 20