Soccer fans might know the name Michael Owen he played for such storied football teams as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City. Well, what’s all that fame and fortune (his net worth is estimated to be $68m USD) if you can’t spoil your daughter with a dressage horse?

Said daughter is UK tabloid fodder Gemma Owen, 19, whose claim to fame is as runner-up in the lurid reality show Love Island. But she’s also an avid dressage rider and posted a video to her social media account where she is riding a very impressive black horse named Sirius Black (a Harry Potter character) in an indoor arena at her father’s multi-million dollar estate in England. This recent Instagram-worthy peek inside the world of the rich and infamous appeared to be Gemma showing off for her boyfriend, Luca Bish, who was her partner on the show as well.

While The Daily Mail  was in awe of Gemma’s “chic all black equestrian outfit” including “matching boots and helmet,” real horse people will admire the young rider’s skill in the saddle. The video below shows her and Sirius performing shoulder-in, half-pass, and two-tempis with proficiency.


According to the FEI website,  Gemma and Sirius ranked third in a junior freestyle competition in 2021, where the paired scored a very respectable 72.70%.