On October 17th, the residence eventing coach and former Canadian Eventing Team member Lorraine Laframboise was renting at Venturing Hills Farm in Pontiac, QC, caught fire and was totally gutted. Lorraine lost not only all her material belongings, but both of her beloved dogs, two rescued boxers, died in the fire.

Sisters Teddie Laframboise and Julie Murphy have started a fundraising campaign for Lorraine. Donations can be made in the following manner:

1. Send money by e-transfer to this email – abcjuliemurphy@gmail.com. Include full name and postal address or email address of sender.

2. Send a cheque or gift cards from Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), SAIL, or other outdoor clothing stores or gas stations to Julie Murphy. Include full name and address of sender.

Send to:

Julie Murphy (Laframboise)

177 Stanley Ave.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1M 1P2

3. Funds from any TD Bank account can be directly deposited into

TD Bank no. 004

TD Branch no. 32906

TD Account no. 6404230