The town of Grand Forks, BC might be getting an ass for mayor. A local woman, fed up with the state of local politics, is putting her donkey Lobo on the ballot this fall.

“We need a change. We need a big change,” O’Connor told CTV News Vancouver.  “People are tired of who is running now and they’re a little upset with who is planning on running and I said, ‘What they need is a big change and Lobo could be that change. Sure he could.’”

O’Connor launched a social media campaign  and has been fielding requests for interviews.

The public and national media outlets have rallied behind Lobo, with one fan commenting on Facebook, “A horse’s ass has held that position for the last 4 years so why not? Go Lobo!”

Should Lobo win it, the donkey may find his victory, and indeed his job, challenged by local neigh-sayers. As was the case for Patrick the Shetland Pony, Mayor of the English village of Cockington, who was banned from a local pub due to by-law issues.

Apparently not everyone in Grand Forks is amused. City Hall staff and other mayoral candidates have been noticeably quiet. But O’Connor is pleased that her fun campaign has brought attention to the political race. “The really interesting thing with this is it’s made people aware that there’s a civic election coming up,” she said to CTV. “It made them aware of who’s running.”