For parents of horse-crazed children who either have a pony of their own, are enrolled in riding programs, or simply dream of riding, a new book sets out to demystify the sport. Listenology for Kids is the companion book to Irish horsewoman Elaine Heney’s best-selling Listenology trilogy. The books cover horsemanship, horse body language and behaviour, groundwork, in-hand exercises and riding lessons to develop softness, connection and collection. The series is full of stories, lessons, case studies and exercises for all horse owners, both English and Western.

Listenology for Kids promises the same savvy lessons, but geared to a children’s audience in the age range of 9-14 years. Like the grown-up books, “Kids” is based on the philosophy of listening to the horse, being kind and practicing good horsemanship.

Aside from her writing, Heney is an award-winning filmmaker, director of Grey Pony Films, and creator of the ‘Listening to the Horse™’ documentary. She offers online training courses for you and your horse here.

All of Heney’s books are available worldwide on Amazon.