Award season is upon us, and we aren’t talking just about the film and TV red carpets. The equestrian world is also honouring its own.

British equestrian magazine Horse & Hound – yes, the one that Hugh Grant claimed to write for in the movie Notting Hill – recently held its 2023 awards ceremony at Dallas Burston Polo Club in Warwickshire on November 22. While there were the usual suspects in sport in attendance, we applauded the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Terry Pendry, the stud groom to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Terry and the Queen out riding.

Terry riding out with The Queen. (History & Lives of the British Royals Facebook photo)

Pendry, who retired this year, was employed at the Royal stables from 1994 until the Queen’s death in 2022, but he became a symbol of British solemnity and dignity when he stood at the Long Walk at Windsor Castle, alongside the Fell pony Carltonlima Emma during the Queen’s funeral. Emma, you might recall, was named Horse of a Lifetime by public votes at last year’s Horse & Hound Awards.

Of his years working and riding with the horse-loving monarch, Pendry told H&H, “She was the most amazing lady, she served with such grace and dignity. We miss her so very much. But we have to turn the pages of history. Her Majesty and the late Duke of Edinburgh had long and fulfilled lives. They are at rest now in St George’s Chapel. I am there regularly, and I let her know every week how Emma [the late Queen’s last favourite riding horse] is getting on and how the old racehorses are doing.”