Who can forget Toronto’s ‘Moose in the City’ initiative back in 2000, when 326 life-size moose sculptures were placed around town and painted by local artists? South of the border, LexArts, an arts organization dedicated to promoting local artists and their work as well as community arts programs in Lexington, Kentucky, had a similar public arts event the same year, and again in 2010. Now, as part of the organization’s 50th anniversary celebration, which also sees the return of the Breeders’ Cup to Keeneland Racetrack, they are re-launching Horse Mania. Part of the program includes Horse Play, where 85 life-size fiberglass horse sculptures will be given to local artists and schools in Fayette County to be painted and put on public display this April.

(LexArts Facebook photo)

The program also gives the students and artists an opportunity to fundraise for school arts programs. The horses will be auctioned off in December 2022 with monies raised going to support local arts programs.

“Having this opportunity for them to not only be able to participate in, but also have an impact on the larger Lexington art community because these horses will be going to auction to help that community is really awesome. I’m happy we are able to participate and give back,” Cynthia Baker of Lexington Traditional Magnet School told a local ABC news affiliate.

The horse sculptures come in three poses: standing, walking, and grazing. Sponsoring an individual horse will set you back $7,500 USD (approx. $9,600 CAD), and if you wish to keep it, that will cost $15,000 USD ($19,000 CAD). For that you receive a plaque as well as mentions on the website and on social media. You also get to directly interact with the artist after selecting a design from the Horse Mania portfolio. It’s for a great cause and we bet horse sculptures by Kentucky artists will end up adorning a lot of lawns!