“Ah, mud season.” A common refrain when the ground thaws after a long winter and the rains come. Or between deep freezes, when the temps rise and the showers wash away snow and ice, leaving behind mud. And as horse owners we must clean, brush, blanket, repeat.

Turns out that actor Kevin Bacon can relate. Bacon, who became a household name when he starred in the blockbuster 1984 hit Footloose, posted an adorable video to his Instagram account . In the short film he serenades his miniature horse, Little Ricky, with the James Taylor classic Country Road:

Bacon captions his video with, “I like a little @jamestaylor_com while walking Little Ricky. Apologies to the great JT for screwing up the lyrics!”

Didn’t seem to bother the music legend one bit. James Taylor posted in the comments ??!!.

Last year, Bacon had announced the rather unexpected arrival of the little mini on their farm.  “A few months ago we rescued Lucy and her Son Desi Jr. At the time we thought Lucy MIGHT be pregnant. Enter Little Ricky.”

This wasn’t the first time that Bacon demonstrated his musical chops to Little Ricky. In an earlier post, Bacon plays an acoustic guitar and sings to a couple of miniature horses and some goats. And it’s Hocus the goat that takes center stage by photobombing the performance. Later Bacon posts that the goat thinks his phone is food. Or is it a creative critique? Only the goat knows for sure.

And if you can’t get enough of Bacon’s humor and his goats, he also posted a hilarious video compilation called The Goat Song Outtakes which demonstrate a goat’s ability to upstage one of the most famous people in the world.

No word if Little Ricky or any of the actor’s menagerie are fans of Taylor’s music or Bacon’s vocals!