Movie star and martial arts icon Jackie Chan’s latest co-star is … a chestnut horse.

In the comedy-drama Ride On, Chan plays Luo Zhilong, a has-been stuntman who might lose his beloved horse, Red Hare, to debt collectors. But his estranged daughter and her boyfriend ride to the rescue to help fend off the creditors in court.

In the meantime, Chan and Red Hare get into all manner of hijinks and stunts that are quite impressive, judging by the trailer:

The horse punches, kicks, gallops through fire, and even helps Chan take on some baddies. Is the film worth a watch? It received a mediocre 60% on Rotten Tomatoes so we’re not sure, but as horse people, chances are we’ll risk a bad movie to see a great horse.

This is not the first time Chan has been required to ride a horse in a movie role. In his autobiography Never Grow Up the actor admits that he is always cautious while on horseback and is never very relaxed.

The movie is in theatres now; while a digital release date for Ride On has not yet been announced, if this film follows the typical theatre-to-streaming trajectory, it should be available for in-home viewing by late May 2023.