Getting kicked by a horse is a horrific ordeal for any horse person to endure. For super model and three-day event rider Edie Campbell, such an incident can also threaten a career.

Campbell was kicked solidly in the face and had to have emergency plastic surgery to ensure she remained picture-perfect. She posted about the experience on Instagram, along with some graphic images of her injuries (warning: blood) with the caption, “In a dramatic turn of events I got kicked in the face and shoulder by a horse last week. Had to have emergency plastic surgery!!”

Campbell, who has strutted the international catwalks for the likes of Balenciaga and Chanel, claimed she was back in the saddle about a week after the accident. “I’m Ok tho thanks to the speed & wizardry of my surgeon I escaped with just a cute small scar. Had the most swollen and wonky face for a bit and an inability to smile. Like a chipmunk but much much less cute.”

The model, 33, began riding at the age of five and is now a passionate eventer. She spoke about her competitive career in Vogue in 2014. This fall she competed in 2* and 3* events on her string of horses.

A sense of humour also seems to help in such situations. Campbell finished her post with a joke. “Bonus: I gave up smoking, so – paradoxically – getting double barrelled by half a ton of horse might actually have increased my life span (looking for silver linings).”