The horse world has no shortage of bizarre stories, but this latest twisted tale ranks right up there.

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A promotion image for Valitar.

A woman named Tatyana Remly has been arrested and charged with hiring a hitman to kill her husband of 12 years, millionaire Mark Remly. As for the doomed duo’s horse connection, the couple tried and failed to stage “Valitar,” a Cavalia-like equestrian spectacle in Rancho Del Mar near San Diego back in 2013. Reports cite unpaid bills, mismanagement, and the egomania of Tatyana, who had limited riding experience, for the show’s epic failure.

The woman was arrested in August with the police telling reporters that she was trying to hire someone to murder Mark Remly “after the couple filed for divorce in July and her monthly spending was cut from $50,000 to $12,000.”

The failed rider apparently was equally bad at planning a hit, approaching her husband’s buddy to do the job. Mark Remly said his friend confided that the estranged wife offered up $2 million to bump him off. Mark went to the police and a sting operation ensued.

And that’s not all: Mark Remly also accused Tatyana of setting fire to his house – a charge she denies. She has also been charged with various weapons violations and felony theft of a vehicle. Before her arrest, Tatyana had requested spousal support of $15,000 and exclusive use of their horse trailer.