Ottawa, ON – Equine Canada is pleased to announce that Horse Week 2010 will begin Saturday May 29, 2010 and run until Sunday June 6, 2010.


Horse Week is held annually to promote and celebrate Canada’s thriving horse industry.  A wide range of activities are held across the country, including trail rides, horse shows, charity events and open houses to allow horse enthusiasts and the public alike to celebrate horses!  Everyone is encouraged to participate. 

All events, regardless of size, taking place between May 29 and June 6 can apply for Horse Week status and be promoted through the provinces and Equine Canada. 

The 2010 Horse Week committee has lots in store for event organizers and participants this year. So, if you have a unique idea for creating an event, go for it! Check the Horse Week section of the Equine Canada website regularly in the coming months for details of how to register your event and to receive information and support in the lead up to Horse Week 2010.