For millennial and Generation Z horse girls, the name Kendall Jenner is cause for excitement. The model, influencer, and yes, half-sister to the Kardashian clan, is a mega-star and entrepreneur who is said to be worth about $45 million.

And she’s also a horse lover.

“I love horses, it’s a childhood dream of mine and I always dreamed about being in the middle of nowhere on a ranch with a bunch of animals,” says Jenner.

Which brings us to her latest fashion campaign for German apparel brand About You. The campaign was shot in the Los Angeles area at a horse ranch very close to Kendall’s childhood neighborhood, so there is a strong personal and emotional connection for the model. “I am definitely a tomboy and I love everything in this drop because the pieces are really the basics that I wear in my daily life. I feel like this is me on my future ranch just like going out in my pair of comfy sweats to feed the horses at night before I go in for dinner with the classy elegant suit,” says Jenner.

Photographed by the internationally-renowned Zoey Grossman, the images of Kendall mounted on a horse and another holding one in a barn are definitely stunning. We feel she can probably afford her dream ranch by now.

The clothing is available online with a price range from 24.90 to 199 euros, or $43-288 CDN. Check out the video here: