Here’s a good news story to brighten your day. What began as a shocking and heartbreaking situation now has a happy outcome.

A horse lying at the side of the road.

Woody, collapsed and abandoned in the road.

In October 2022, a lovely young pinto horse named Woody was found on the side of a road in Ireland, collapsed from exhaustion. His uncaring owners had removed his harness, taken the cart he was hitched to and run away, leaving him to die alone. Fortunately, the local police contacted My Lovely Horse Rescue who got him the care he needed and nursed him back to health.

Then in December, a young girl named Orianna adopted Woody. The rescue posted that it was “love at first sight.” And this summer the newly-formed partnership competed at a local show in Cork, taking home a second-place ribbon.

Kelly Mellerick of My Lovely Horse Rescue told H&H, “It’s just phenomenal. I don’t think any of us has wiped the smiles off our faces yet…. His story has grabbed the hearts of the nation, and across the world.”

The My Lovely Horse Rescue helps all animals in their corner of the world, and work with law enforcement agencies to improve animal welfare and educate people.