The equestrian events of the TO2015 Pan American Games will take place approximately an hour north of the city of Toronto in the Orangeville/Caledon/Mono area. The transportation options offered by TO2015 for getting to the equestrian games, assume that you will be travelling by car (preferably car-pooling), parking at the Albion Hills Conservation Area and shuttling to the OLG Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park. For equestrian competition events scheduled at Will’O’Wind (July 18th), car parking at the site is the only option.

If driving is not your first choice, or if you have visitors without car transportation, check out the Horse Experience Bus Shuttle Service. The shuttle bus service will operate on a route that visits the equestrian competition sites, many of the local hotels, and the communities of Orangeville, Caledon and Bolton. Buses will drop off passengers at stops along the route, allowing guests to shop, dine and enjoy the local community. Single-day, five-day and seven-day passes are available for purchase.

Early bird pricing (15% discount) is available for tickets purchased before July 1st. For more details, or to purchase your Bus Shuttle tickets, use the link below.

Horse Experience Bus Shuttle Service