is pleased to announce that author Winnie Stott will be the newest blogger on the website dedicated to Canadian horse lovers. Winnie will entertain readers with her tales of training two young Lusitano geldings using methods taught to her by Allen Pogue of Red Horse Ranch in Texas, USA. Allen is a circus trick horse trainer, who has also developed an “innovative training lifestyle that focuses on the horse as a companion and friend in sport, at home, and in the field.” This unique and refreshing technique makes use of pedestals, inflatable balls, boxes filled with toys and more. The Stotts keep touching base with Allen who helps them open new doors and challenges.

Winnie and her husband, Bill, own a horse farm in King Township, Ontario. They’ve enjoyed competing in orienteering, the Modern Pentathlon, Dressage and Eventing. They introduced horse lovers to “Orienteering on Horseback” in the early 1990’s and revived it the past two years with Betsy and Torchy Millar in Caledon. Winnie coached swimming at the Olympic level in the late 1970’s assisting Deryk Snelling. She is the author of seven books, including “Bit by Bit and Classical Horsemanship with Frank Grelo” as well as a video and DVD by the same name. Winnie and Bill met Frank Grelo five years ago. Frank introduced them to the Lusitano, thus resulting in this blog about their adventures with Zelador and Zeloso.

Several other exceptional horsemen have influenced the Stotts and their approach to the young horses. It was at one of Frank Grelo’s clinics in Michigan that they met Daniel Nummer. The result was they created a DVD about Daniel and his “Principles of Horse Training”. One of Winnie’s favourite Principles is: “The horse pays exactly as much attention to you as you do to the horse.”

Winnie joins the original blogger, Morag O’Hanlon, who has been posting on the site since August, 2005. O’Hanlon has been recounting the trials and tribulations of starting from scratch with a young horse destined for Eventing fame. Readers have followed the exploits of ‘Solo’ (A First Romance) from being backed for the first time through his first Royal Winter Fair appearance and now to his first horse shows. – Your Canadian Horse Source- has more than 30,000 visitors a month and features up-to-date news, feature articles, calendar of events, classified ads and much more.