Just when you thought the race for the US Republican party nomination couldn’t get any weirder, along came Walter Clapp. The 35-year-old Texas lawyer, who is based in Red Lodge, Montana, has entered the political arena in a unique way, by hitting the campaign trail with a pair of horses and a wagon.

According to a Wyoming news site, Clapp sunk all his money into the draft pair, Lynette and Liz, and the wagon, which he purchased from the Amish. He then sunk more funds into a truck and trailer to ship them around the country. The political newbie told the reporter that he had no horse experience and had taken courses to learn how to manage and care for the mares.

According to his website,  Clapp is a tech-savvy, 14th generation American with a law degree from Georgetown University and a philosophy degree from Rhodes College. As for a political platform, Clapp is running on the promise to expand the House of Representatives and build an underground interstate that will take 150 years to finish. Like we said, the 2024 Republican race is one for the history books.

As for how his campaign is going, Clapp was prevented from making a speech in Yellowstone National Park because horses are not allowed on park roads. Being a litigator, Clapp promptly sued. But he remains undeterred from pursuing his political dreams, telling the Wyoming site WyoFile that he would skip Yellowstone and head to the National Mall in Washington DC for his act of “civic disobedience.”

You can follow Clapp’s adventures on Instagram where he regularly posts about his travels with his paint mares, including this video with the caption “Riding straight from paradise to the White House!” Technically he’s driving, but we get his meaning!