If you’re old enough to remember the ’80s motorcycle cop drama CHiPS, then you know that they were members of the California Highway Patrol. During a real-life recent incident on September 10th, one of their officers in a patrol car had to contend with an impaired person operating a different type of vehicle – a horse.

According to the CHP Merced County, an area in central California east of San Jose, while Officer Kody Brackett was on duty he spotted a man riding a horse, carrying an open container of alcohol. According to the CHP Facebook post, “Concerned for everyone’s safety, Officer Brackett contacted the rider and it became evident that the rider was impaired by alcohol, leading to their arrest for DUI.”

That’s right, California Vehicle Code 21050 stipulates that the rules of the road apply to those operating anything, including animals, on the state’s highways.

We also love that Officer Brackett carefully led the horse to safety following the arrest, and made sure it was returned home. Video of the horse being led home can be viewed here.