A woman in High River, Alberta was banned from riding her horses in the town she calls home. Shelby Anne (no last name provided) posted to Facebook about her ordeal, writing, “WHAT A SHAME To many residents of high river [sic] complaining to bylaw/peace off(ic)ers has made us no longer allowed to ride in town. It puts a damper on our training for my rescue / rehabilitation horses. SHAME ON HIGH RIVER”, she remarked regarding her 2 Hearts Equine Rehab effort.

In another Facebook post, a video shot from the saddle shows a bay horse waiting its turn in a Tim Horton’s drive-thru. Other images show Shelby Anne posing with two bay horses in western tack in a local mall parking lot. In one image she has covered the attending officer’s face with a smiley face. Another post shows her picking up after her horse after the animal passed manure.

The social media site’s followers wasted no time in posting their thoughts. One person wrote, “That’s brutal. What’s the difference between a horse and a pedal bike or pedestrian? What a shame.”

Another user points out that horses are still considered a mode of transportation in Alberta. While another wrote about the residents who complained about the mounted rider, “Clearly they need to move BACK to the city.”

What do you think? Should horses be banned from city streets and drive-thrus?