Greetings to all!

My family and I are all doing well and staying safe! I hope you are too! I have been walking every day (rain or shine) to get some form of exercise in. It’s funny how many extra steps you can get by avoiding others doing the same thing! Take care everyone and I hope to see you all soon!

~ Bonnie, Community Association For Riders With Disabilities

Our CARD horses are accustomed to the love and attention from all their volunteer caregivers and riders. Due to current events, the horses are hanging together enjoying some sunshine, light exercise and quiet.

The CARD herd is fed a good nutritional mix but sometimes supplementation is also added for optimizing their energy, and to assist with general dietary balance. Horses are given supplements to help with vitamin intake, gastric issues, speed tissue healing, ease respiration, and many other equine complaints.

Horses do get their nutrition from pasture, hay and grain/pulp. We of course, wouldn’t want them to miss out on some of their favourite activities…. munching down on apples and carrots for one! As working therapy horses, we do like to help out with a snack or two just to let them know, that if for anything, it was for a job well done.

Will you join me in supplementing the CARD Supplement fund to help keep our horses happy and comfortable? Any amount towards CARD’s therapy horses will help.

Just click on the link below and donate through Canada Helps secured payment system

If you prefer, you may donate via e-transfer directly to [email protected].

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