Hello All!

My family, friends and I are all well and the cats are enjoying the ‘work from home’ aspect of things. My male cats in particular are enjoying their increased access to mum, and Fergus likes to sit on a chair beside me to ‘supervise’ my work. I’m not sure my female cat has noticed that I’m home more…!

One of the hardest aspects of working from home is the distance from the horses, riders and volunteers, for all are special to me in their own ways. I’m trying to stay fit for riding and teaching by getting my daily steps in with walks in our lovely park, where everything is waking up after a long winter. I’m also using this time to flex my mental muscles, attending weekly webinars on various topics to stay current on veterinary care and teaching tactics.

There’s lots of squirrel and bunny activity going on in the park, along with the odd raccoon sighting. Daffodils are popping up and the grass and trees grow greener every day.

Thinking of you all often, wishing you well and looking forward to the time when we can all be together again.

~ Seana Waldon, Director of Therapeutic Riding Services

“Eat to live; live to eat” Foodies like to debate that point with friends who consider food a means to an end.

In this great debate, the horses are firmly in both camps!

Horses eat…a lot! Whether they work, or not.

Their digestion system is designed to operate constantly, steadily breaking down their fiber-rich diet.
Domestic horses get their nutrition in many forms: various hays and grasses, as well as grains like oats, corns, and vegetable products like beet pulp and bran.

The CARD herd each have a carefully selected nutrition plan of hay, grain and supplements to meet their individual needs. Whether they are roly-poly easy keepers, or lean and lanky calorie burners, each one’s needs are monitored carefully and the plans adjusted when needed.

Will you join me in supplementing the CARD Grain fund to help keep our horses healthy, happy and comfortable? Any amount towards CARD’s therapy horses will help.

Just click on the link below and donate through Canada Helps secured payment system
If you prefer, you may donate via e-transfer directly to finance@card.ca.

Thank you for your consideration. The horses at CARD thank you.

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