This week, join up with Judy Wanless, Director of Volunteer Services at Community Association for Riders with Disabilities, in her quest to raise funds to help cover the cost of farrier fees.

Hello to all my friends at CARD!

A note to let you know my family and I are doing great! We are all well and enjoying the company of each other. We are sharing some laughter, as we all know laughter is the best medicine when things are uncertain. We hope you are well too!

Working remotely has its challenges but we are all grateful to be in the safety of our own home, where we are making the most of these challenging times.

I miss seeing and chatting with the volunteers that give some much to CARD and the riders that are always thankful for the program. Your smiles, laughter and jokes make my job just a little easier when managing the daily tasks of running a volunteer department. It is a true pleasure to represent you and I look forward to the day when we will all come together again.

However, until that time, follow the words of Toronto’s Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa. “Stay home, stay safe and take care of each other.” This is easy for all of us, as this is exactly what we do at CARD each day.

As we all have different beliefs, I know that we can all agree that this pandemic is a message from a higher power. The way we live our lives, have to change. There is still time, so keep the hope of better days alive. I am always available by email to assist with whatever you need or just chat. Do not hesitate to reach out..

The health of horses start from the ground up. There is an old saying ” No foot, no horse.” Any problems a horse will have with a hoof can have an immediate impact on their health and general well-being. How well they respond as a therapy horse overall is a major factor in their regular care, and of course preventing a problem is always better than trying to correct a problem.

Maintaining foot care in our herd may involve, trimming hooves, shoeing, looking for cracks, maintaining joints and tendons along with other issues that may occur. We at CARD are fortunate to have the support of a skilled farrier who knows our herd and their individual needs.

Running a therapeutic riding stable takes a team, and we are happy to have him as our team member!

Will you join me today in supporting financial assistance for the CARD Farrier Fund? Any amount towards CARD’s therapy horses will help.

Just click on the link here and donate through Canada Helps secured payment system
If you prefer, you may donate via e-transfer directly to