Albertans, do you know a blonde, blue-eyed young girl aged 6-9? She could be on Heartland.

The CBC show, shot in Southern Alberta, is looking for its newest cast member – one that will appear in the show later in the season, as the girl in question will be filming at times from Aug. 9 to Sept. 28. According to Heartland casting director Rhonda Fisekci, producers are looking for a home-grown actress; and hopefuls don’t need to have acting experience to apply.

“I find that kids at this age, if you ask them to be themselves you get much better performances,” Rhonda told the Calgary Herald in a recent article.

And what exactly is Heartland looking for? Other than physical attributes like being Caucasian, blonde, blue-eyed and between the ages of 6-9, she should be fearless, courageous and able to speak her mind – like her fictional counterpart.

The new character, whose name has not been released, is described as a “busybody.” Combined with the physical attributes, this new character quite reminds me of another well-loved actress previously on Heartland, Jessica Amlee, who played Mallory Wells on the show.

Jessica joined Heartland in 2007, when she was 13. She was on the show consistently for seven years, and returned for a couple of guest starring roles in Season 10. Her character was known to be boisterous, funny and yes – a busybody. There were many occasions of her eavesdropping, providing her unasked-for opinion on Bartlett-Fleming family drama and even matchmaking.

Heartland is definitely a success story for filming in Alberta. Now shooting its 12th season, the show recently won a Rosie – an Alberta Film and Television Award – for best dramatic series for 2018.

Does your child fit the bill as Heartland’s newest cast member? E-mail submissions to [email protected] will be accepted until June 10th, and should include a recent photo (camera phone pictures allowed) and a small biography, including parent and/or guardian contact info, birth date and height.

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