If you are someone who thinks the fashion world is full of horse shit, you’ll be happy to know that in the case of one designer, you might be right. Take the spring/summer 2023 collection from Casablanca, whose designer, Charaf Tajer, created a “psychedelic ranch” on the runway including a corral and four pristine horses with two real cowboys to wrangle them.

The horses, to quote online rag Jezebel, “did what horses often do: stand around and shit on the ground.”

Tajer explained to Women’s Wear Daily that his show was inspired during a trip to Mexico’s west coast, which he said, “has no tourists but ranches.”

As for the clothes the models wore, they included cowboy shirts and chaps (and a side note to the peeps at Jezebel, all chaps are “assless” FYI) as well as bolero jackets, long fringed skirts and more. Casablanca’s collection is designed for both men and women.

Feel free to watch the video here: