An antique rocking horse is set to go to auction this month in England. And while the auction house is estimating the dappled grey pony to fetch between $350-$500 CDN, there is a major caveat – a “buyer beware” – of ghosts, that is.

According to the seller, talking to Fox News,  the rocking horse has been in her family for generations. It just so happens that her family has a history of “spiritualism” including conducting seances. The owner, who chooses to remain anonymous, claims her great-grandfather used the rocking horse to conjure spirits, including that of a little girl who said she was riding the horse during her return to the land of the living.

Since then, family legend claims that the rocking horse has moved from room to room on its own. When the family would leave the toy on the landing, they’d return home to find it in a completely different room. The current owner hasn’t experienced that supernatural phenomenon, but she does admit to hearing strange banging sounds in the room where the rocking horse is kept.

The owner wants to be certain that any potential buyer is aware of the rocking horse’s haunted history. So, along with the usual catalogue description from the Canterbury Auction Galleries there is also this: “Note: The vendor’s [great] grandfather was a trance medium/ghost hunter in the 1940s, and the horse was used for séances.”