For his latest music video, global sensation Harry Styles rides a horse. And while no one will mistake Styles’ skills in the saddle for a Hollywood stunt rider, he cuts a rather dashing mounted figure.

The video for his latest hit, Daylight, is set at a travelling circus and finds the musician/singer/actor/heartthrob riding a bicycle, walking a tightrope and performing other circus acts as an imagined member of the troupe. But it’s towards the end of the video when Styles arrives mounted on a gorgeous Friesian horse.



Equestrians may roll their eyes during the riding sequences, or perhaps giggle. Styles is a Grammy winner for his music, but there will no medals given for his riding skills. The multi-hyphenate bounces and holds his reins like a bunny, but riders (and fans) can forgive him because according to a BBC report, Styles had all of 20 minutes to “learn” to ride prior to filming.

The horse is trained and owned by England-based Stampede Stunt Company, and it fell to wrangler Zana Cousins-Greenwood to instruct the celebrity. Styles confessed he’d never ridden before. “We trained him to ride, we trained him to look good and he listened,” Cousins-Greenwood told the BBC. “We said to Harry ‘just look like you’re confident on a horse – fake it until you make it.’”

The coaching worked, as Styles does appear confident on the horse, looking straight at the camera during the rearing stunt.

For his part, Teake the Friesian appears not to have minded Styles’ bouncing and was cool, calm, and collected during the rearing stunt. According to the trainer, he can be a lazy horse. “I’m pleased that the horse went nice and high,” the trainer told the British broadcaster.

Will this be the start of a new passion and hobby for Harry? Styles hasn’t been seen horse shopping yet, but one thing is for sure: if anyone can afford a well-trained schoolmaster, it’s him, with an estimated net worth of $120 million USD.