We all love a happy ending, and such is the case with the story of Frank the senior donkey. The adorable 22-year-old donkey was surrendered to the BC SPCA after his owners couldn’t afford his veterinary bills after it was discovered Frank had Equine Cushings Disease. Frank also had dental disease including multiple missing teeth, an issue that was treated at the SPCA.

The BC SPCA posted Frank on its social media channels, and he found his forever home quickly thanks to lucky timing. According to the group’s press release, Frank’s new guardian, Sheri, and her barn manager, Kate, found him online, just one week after Sheri’s 40-year-old rescue donkey sadly passed away. “I saw a photo of him online and knew right away that he would fit in with my barn,” says Sheri.

Renamed Charlie because Sheri already has a pony named Frank, he made the transition into his new surroundings easily. “He is quite the affectionate donkey,” Sheri says. “When it is breakfast time, he brays very loudly and then begins trotting over to get some scratches. Charlie loves to cruise around and has even figured out how to open the feed room door, so we’ve had to limit his time hanging out in the barn! He is the most energetic donkey I have ever had,” she adds.

Charlie will get to live out the rest of his golden years in the BC countryside, loved and cared for.