Members of the equine industry who use social media to buy, sell, rescue and rehome horses have noticed recently that Facebook has begun to enforce their policy which prohibits posting animals for sale.

Among Facebook’s rules, it states that items, products or services sold on Facebook must comply with the organization’s Community Standards and Commerce Policies. These prevent the sale of animals as well as items such as drugs, alcohol, weapons and certain health products and services.

A number of Facebook groups have been established in protest of this move, out of concern for the well-being of horses around the world. Equestrians believe that removing this social media networking and marketing tool will prevent many horses, and other animals, from finding good homes, putting them in serious jeopardy.

A petition has been started at called “Get Facebook to Rescind the Ban on Animal Sale Posts.” It has gained more than 34,000 signatures. Launched by Peterborough, Ontario’s Russell Mcpherson, the petition will be delivered to Facebook when it reaches its target of 35,000 supporters.