Film Festival Flix is pleased to be the exclusive virtual venue for the 2021 EQUUS Film Festival. Founded in 2013 by festival director Lisa Diersen, EQUUS has grown to become the premier festival for equine stories told through cinema. In conjunction with Diersen’s EQUUS Film Channel, also found only on the Film Festival Flix streaming platform, the festival presents a pipeline for outstanding horse-centered films to gain digital distribution and reach built-in audiences 365 days a year.

In discussing her festival’s mission, Diersen says, “As an avid horsewoman and movie lover, I’ve continually seen the power of storytelling through film. Horse movies have a magical ability to inspire, educate, engage and entertain. They help us see others’ points of view, including those who struggle with PTSD, children with Autism, inmates finding new avenues for their emotions – all through working with horses. Every one of these stories help us to build new bridges of empathy and understanding through the power of the horse.”

This year’s lineup presents over 40 new films on a diverse number of topics, including racing, wild horse rescue, cowboy culture, horse therapy for PTSD survivors, and so much more. As Diersen states, “I’m honored to give equine storytellers from all over the world one more reason to create amazing films, literature and art focused on the horse. And I’m delighted that horse lovers everywhere will have the opportunity to experience some truly extraordinary equine films.”

2021 EQUUS Film Festival highlights

Lady Long Rider
Approaching her 50th birthday, Bernice Ende picked up the reins and rode south on a borrowed horse. Her plan was to visit her sister, a 2000-mile ride from Montana to New Mexico. (62 mins)

The Fall
A jockey deals with the suffocating aftermath of a high-profile fall at the final fence during preparations for an important race. (22 mins.)

Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait
Ride alongside modern working cowboys on some of America’s largest and most remote ranches. (79 mins.)

Let Them Live Love Wild Horses
A raw and honest appeal for all who view this film to rise up and save the wild horses and the land they protect- before it’s too late. (22 mins.)

Virtual festival passes are on sale now here.