COVID-19 updates

Infection Control Expert Dr. Scott Weese provides COVID-19 updates in a one hour video. Topics: General info, species to species transmission risk, protecting yourself including what mask to use, ‘the new normal’ in reopening veterinary practices and more.


Lameness Lab Tool Of The Month

With many horses returning to work after significant time off, gradual increases in workload are important to lameness prevention. Dr. Clayton’s video of conditioning tips has been added to lameness lab.
Click HERE.


Tight Nosebands & Tongue Ties

Dr. Paul McGreevy discusses the detrimental impact of tight nosebands and tongue ties during Equestrian Canada’s May 2020 National Equine Disease and Welfare Surveillance Call.


Research and Tips to Avoid Lameness

Dr. Mark Hurtig discusses his exciting new research at the OVC on new biologic therapies as well as tips to avoid lameness as horses resume training.

Upcoming Horse Portal Short Courses

Equine First Aid
Sept 21 – 28

Fire & Emergency Preparedness
Oct 5 – 13

Horse Care and Welfare
Oct 19 – 30

Sickness Prevention in Horses
Nov 16 – Nov 27

Horse Behaviour & Safety
Nov 30 – Dec 11

Horse Behaviour & Safety for Youth (13 – 17)
Nov 30 – Dec 11

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