The past week saw two equine escapees dashing down the road in two separate incidents, in two separate U.S. states, on the same weekend of August 22-23. Maybe there is something in the air…

For the aptly-named two-year-old Thoroughbred filly Bold and Bossy, who was set to make her racing debut at Kentucky’s Ellis Park racetrack, the drama began just before the Saturday afternoon race was set to start. While heading to the starting gate, she dumped her jockey, escaped the racetrack and galloped down the interstate before finally being caught.

Her trainer, Michael Ann Ewing, told BloodHorse Magazine , “Remarkably, she was not hit, killing herself or anyone else. She lost a couple of shoes; she ran more than six miles. Thanks to the great community of horsemen and Ellis Park vets and communications directors, people were calling me, letting me know where she was headed. Meanwhile, numerous people jumped in trucks to try and find her.”

Bold and Bossy recovering at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital. (Michael Ann Ewing Racing Facebook)

Unfortunately for Bold and Bossy, who was not injured in the highway incident, the adventure took another incredible turn when, after it was decided by the veterinarian and trainer that the filly needed rest after her great escape, she was stabled overnight at the racetrack. The barn she was in caught fire, but fortunately all seven horses in the structure escaped. Bold and Bossy ended up with burns over her neck, withers, shoulders and back, but according to her trainer she will make a full recovery and will be given plenty of time to recuperate.

Meanwhile in Indiana, drivers motoring down the highway were stunned to see a large white horse galloping solo along the road. The horse, who remains anonymous, was on the loose for a time in Newburgh, Warrick County, before ending up in the backyard of a resident. The woman described finding the stunning animal as “magical.” The same person told the local news outlet that the horse seemed to enjoy eating from her peach tree, and that eventually someone showed up to collect the roaming renegade.