For one industrious 11-year-old boy in Rhode Island, owning a horse is a dream he plans on turning into a reality. The boy, Brandon Reasor, has loved animals his whole life and has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. In fact, Brandon already has a collection of animals including three goats, 12 chickens, two turkeys and two rabbits.

But what he’s missing is a horse, of course.

“My dad, he said if I wanted to get a horse, I have to get the money to get a horse,” Brandon told local news outlet WJAR.

His father, John, told him “Horses are a huge responsibility, a lot more so than chickens and goats, and that they’re very expensive as well. I kind of want to instill some responsibility in him. I don’t want him to think everything in life is just a hand-out; you’ve got to work hard to earn things.” He added that if Brandon were able to raise enough money for a horse of his own, then he’d build a stable for it.

Brandon needed no further encouragement deciding to sell eggs to raise the $5,000 he wants for his horse budget. He father posted on Facebook:

“I told my son that if he sells his eggs and raises enough money to buy a horse that I will build a stable and they can get a horse. I bought an ice machine to make sure that his eggs were kept cool outside during the summer. He was resourceful enough to suggest that he also sells bags of ice. He has also planted a bunch of vegetables which hopefully he can also sell. Hopefully this will be a great life lesson for him.”

John added that Brandon is an aspiring farmer as well and encouraged their rural neighbors to support the egg sale and also feel free to give the boy opportunities to see up close how farms operate. He also added that “If anyone is in need and can’t afford to leave any money, the eggs are free to you and don’t feel bad at all. This is not really about the money anyway and we love our neighbors!!”

We look forward to a future post from John and Brandon when the horse arrives home!