We’ve covered our fair share of horse rescues, but this latest from July 6 in Orange County, California, is perhaps the most daring yet. But don’t just take our word for it: according to the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) who were responsible for saving the horse, it was “One of the most technical horse rescues we have performed.”

It all began when the horse and rider were trail riding and the horse spooked. While its rider managed to dismount without injury, the horse took off. We can only assume the panic the rider felt when they discovered their beloved mount hanging upside down and wedged in between slabs of concrete and exposed metal rebars on what appears to be a former highway overpass.

Vets and the OCFA arrived on scene and the animal was sedated. Then the firefighters proceeded to rig the horse up for a helicopter lift out of danger – something that was anything but routine.

The OCFA posted the entire rescue operation to its Twitter account and added the following: “The helicopter crew executed a precision operation to hoist the horse not just vertically, but also horizontally in the only direction that would free the horse from the concrete without injuring it.

“Crews were happy to see the horse they worked so diligently to rescue get up and walk on its own to the horse transport to seek further medical evaluation. An amazing team effort by our tech rescue team, air ops crew, firefighters, the veterinarian and the horse community.”

We’re glad to see that the horse was able to stand on its own and be loaded into a trailer and headed to a veterinary clinic for a thorough exam. According to a follow-up media report, the horse is recovering at the clinic.