For one young donkey named Opal, life on the farm includes reclining on the sofa, helping in the kitchen and, oh yes, snuggling under the covers with the other youngsters.

On the popular Instagram account @farmgirleats_ which has already amassed 46K followers, you can keep up with the adventures of Opal and all of her farmyard friends, as well as the family who moved from the city to the country. The “Dinky Donkey Farm” farm in Brooksville, Florida, belongs to Juliana Evans, a single mom of four with a knack for baking, cooking, makeup and mothering her own kids and her six dogs, 26 donkeys, five cows, an alpaca and a mule.

In the case of Opal, she was born in 2019 and named after the owner’s grandmother. By the time she was a week old the little donkey foal would stray from its mother and follow the humans around. Videos of Opal playing in the yard have made a splash and the family’s YouTube channel She’s Gone Country, which has nearly 7m subscribers, has a selection of videos where you’ll see the white donkey sitting on the couch and even sleeping in a bed.



The farm’s owner, who has appeared on various television morning shows, wrote on a post about Opal, “She visits inside the farmhouse twice a day. Opal has the most unique, cuddly, and loving personality we have ever seen in a donkey. If I am not up for “coffee time with Opal”, by 7am, then she is hee-hawing at the back porch until I let her in!”

Check out Opal the House Donkey here: