One determined pony-crazy little girl in England decided to become an entrepreneur in order to raise the funds to buy herself a pony. Belle Nicholls, was a competitive gymnast with a passion for that sport, but when Covid-19 hit, forcing indoor activities and gyms to close, she was at a loss.

One option her family discovered was the local riding school. There, nine-year-old Belle started to ride and fell in love with the sport and the horses, and embraced all the grooming and barn chores that go hand-in-hand with horsemanship.

“We gave it a go and she fell completely in love with it,” her mother, Heather, told Horse & Hound. “Everything else went by the wayside; it was all she wanted to do. And it wasn’t just the riding; she loves grooming, mucking out and everything to do with looking after them.”

Belle wants her own pony, but her mother wisely wants to wait to ensure that her daughter is committed.

To that end, Belle began to create her own lip glosses and then, using online tutorials, began making soaps and candles to sell. She wants to use the money to buy her pony, but she also read about a local donkey sanctuary needing help and has donated some of her proceeds to the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary to adopt a donkey. So far Belle has raised £500, or approximately $860 Canadian.

“The money I raised will go into my pony fund but was really exciting adopting a donkey too, so I really appreciate everyone who supported me,” Belle said in the local outlet Skegness Standard.

Belle’s parents are proud of what their daughter has accomplished thus far. But they have decided to “probably wait until Belle is in secondary school before they look to buy her a pony.” And they also intend to contribute to the pony fund when the time is right to add an equine member to the family. Who knows, by then little businesswoman Belle might be able to afford more than one pony!