Fans of social media sensation and YouTuber Dale Brisby already know the Texan has a sense of humour, but he’s all business when it comes to the western lifestyle. His Instagram account and Facebook page have nearly 700k followers, his YouTube channel around 300k, but those numbers are about to grow exponentially when the reality series How to be a Cowboy premieres on Netflix, September 1st.

The streamer describes the series as Brisby using “social media savvy and rodeo skills to keep cowboy traditions alive – and now he’s teaching the world how to cowboy right.”

Dale and Boone. (Dale Brisby Facebook)

Brisby describes himself in one of his Facebook videos as a “super puncher, the highest honour a cowboy can obtain.” In the video, Brisby attempts various iconic western and cowboy moves and skills, with limited but hilarious results.

The How to be a Cowboy trailer shows less experienced ranch hands, including one tough-as-nails young woman who shows the boys how it’s done, taking on the various challenges and skills a cowboy (or cowgirl) need to master to succeed at ranch life. Throughout, the various characters ‒ Brisby included ‒ provide sarcastic banter, moral support, and a heavy dose of slapstick.

One cowboy-in-training comments of Dale, “He works harder than he ought to, so it’s my obligation to work less.”

The humour comes as no surprise, given Brisby labels himself a comedian, with his Instagram account bio reading, “Your mom’s favorite bull rider. Don’t believe anything I saw and only half of what I do. Ima joke, Jesus is not.”

Brisby’s main mount is Boone, a 20-year-old ranch horse who makes frequent appearances in videos, including this one, part of series he filmed for Western Horseman, where he shows how to (not) put a bridle on. “You don’t really need the split ear thing, it can go behind the ear… or over it – either one.” Boone does his part, including a well-timed blowing of the nostrils after Brisby walks out of frame.

All in all, Brisby is good-natured fun in and out of the saddle (or bareback bronc). Is he really the “coolest of the cool cowboys”? Check out his show and decide for yourself.

Watch the trailer here: