is celebrating 20 years of helping newborn foals in need of colostrum.

This online resource was created by Peter J. Hurst, the founder of the Alberta Nurse Mare and Colostrum Registry, in order to provide easy access for those looking to find and donate colostrum for orphaned foals across North America.

Colostrum contains essential antibodies that a newborn foal requires in order to develop immunities to disease.

“Cyberfoal has not only been recognized by Canadian breeders, for which it was intended, but by a large majority of breeders in the USA. Breeders in Australia have adopted their own Cyberfoal Australia, with India and South Africa contemplating the same. Cyberfoal is indeed becoming a global entirety,” said Hurst.

“Cyberfoal would not exist if not for the generosity of its sponsor, Mr. Clayton Riddell, owner of Clayborne Farm,” he said. “It is thanks to his support that many orphans have received the colostrum and foster mares needed.”

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