Team Quebec the 2014 CIEC Champions Photo by Eve-Lyne Ouellet Photography

Team Quebec the 2014 CIEC Champions
Photo by Eve-Lyne Ouellet Photography

The Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships is a sanctioned Equine Canada competition. This team event offers athletes the opportunity to test their skills against their peers from across Canada.

The Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships is a collaborative event between the national and provincial sport organizations governing equestrian competition, whereby provincial/territorial sport organizations field teams representing their respective province/territory. It also acts a key event in the development of equestrian’s next generation of national, international and world champions. In addition, it is a platform for talent identification for athletes, coaches and officials.

The 2014 Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships Come to an End

After three days of competition the 2014 Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships, held by the Fédération équestre du Quebec at the Blainville Equestrian Park in Blainville, QC, has concluded.

Seventy devoted athletes from three disciplines-dressage, show jumping and reining- competed from October 3-5 for a chance to showcase their skills that they have developed for an opportunity to earn a championship title.

The awards for top Junior and Senior Individual Champion riders by discipline, Team Champions by discipline and Overall Provincial Champion were awarded during the Closing Ceremony.

Junior Individual Dressage Champions
1. Juliette C. Barolet and Docaprio L / Team Quebec
2. Courtney Palleson and Brio Du Domaine* / Team British Columbia
3. Audrey Albert and Mélodie / Team Quebec

Senior Individual Dressage Champions
1. Lisa Schultz and Dances With Dante* / Team British Columbia
2. Allison Stewart and Declan / Team New Brunswisk
3. Mathilde Caron-Jacques and Dancing Queen / Team Quebec

Dressage Team Champions
1. Team Quebec / 400.510%
2. Team British Columbia / 397.083%
3. Team New Brunswick / 383.980%

Junior Individual Show Jumping Champions
1. Paige Hodson and Run Forest Run* / Team Saskatchewan
2. Abigail Bibbings and Mayreau / Team Ontario
3. Sam Walker and Winnipeg Jet / Team Ontario

Senior Individual Show Jumping Champions
1. Emmanuelle Ruscio and EWSZ’s Jolita / Team Quebec
2. Katz Pillar and Charlotte* / Team British Columbia
3. Alexa Bennett and Tenacity / Team Ontario

Show Jumping Team Champions
1. Team Quebec / 62 pts
2. Team Ontario / 58 pts
3. Team Saskatchewan / 53 pts

Junior Individual Reining Champions
1. Meghan Côté and Top Meg Boogies / Team Quebec
2. Kimberly Audet and Dun It Whiz / Team Quebec
3. Raelyn Serhan and A Gun Deal* / Team Saskatchewan

Senior Individual Reining Champions
1. Meghan Côté and Top Meg Boogies / Team Quebec
2. Kimberly Audet and Dun It Whiz / Team Quebec
3. Raelyn Serhan and A Gun Deal* / Team Saskatchewan

Reining Team Champions
1. Team Quebec / 419 pts
2. Team Nova Scotia / 407.5 pts
3. Team Saskatchewan / 405.5 pts

CIEC Provincial Cup
1. Team Quebec with 219 points.
2. Team Ontario with 138 pts
3. Team Saskatchewan with 123 pts

“It was a great pleasure to be able to attend the Championships this year,” commented Al Patterson, President of Equine Canada. “On behalf of Equine Canada, I would like to thank Paul Côté and all of his board. I would also like to thank Richard Mongeau and all the staff from the FEQ, and all the members and volunteers who have come to work and put this event together. The amount of effort it takes for a provincial organization to put this together is tremendous and it was fantastic.”

The 2014 CIEC would like to thank their partners Mario Laframboise, the Blainville member of National Assembly of Quebec and the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports. They would also like to extend their thank you to the Organizing Committee, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and all those who offered their horses for lease. The event would not be possible without the commitment and hard work from everyone.

Team New Brunswick’s Allison Stewart Takes Home First Prize

On the last day at the CIEC, everyone was anxious to begin. The dressage riders were welcomed back to the ring to perform their final test for their last chance to earn marks towards the championship title.

Allison Stewart, of Team New Brunswick, went out and gave it her everything aboard her equine partner Declan, a seven-year-old Oldenburg gelding. Each step was ridden with strength and devotion aiming to showcase her best performance of the event. Her efforts earned her first place with a score of 68.871%. In second was Team British Columbia’s Lisa Schultz on her leased horse Dances With Dante, an eight-year-old Warmblood gelding, with a score of 67.903%. Team Quebec’s Juliette C. Barolet and Docaprio L, her 14-year-old Oldenburg gelding were placed third with a score of 65.484%

Dressage results

Place / Rider / Hometown / Horse / Score

1st / Allison Stewart / Kingsley, NB / Declan / 68.871%
2nd / Lisa Schultz / Surrey, BC / Dances With Dante* / 67/903%
3rd / Juliette C. Barolet / Rosemère, QC / Docaprio L / 65.484%
4th / Courtney Palleson / Surrey, BC / Brio Du Domaine* / 65.161%
5th / Marilynn Canitz / Saskatoon, SK / Kinsale* / 64.516%
6th / Loni Atwood / Gander, NL / Whisper III / 63.548%
7th / Colleen Beres / Melville, SK / Riverdance* / 62.903%
8th / Kim Mackeen / Tatamagouche, NS / Man After Midnight / 62.742%
8th / Carson Beinder / Port Coquitlam, BC / Magic Breeze / 62.742%
10th / Mathilde Caron-Jacques / La Prairie, QC / Dancing Queen / 62.419%

Sam Walker of Team Ontario Wins the 2014 CIEC Mini Prix

Jumpers finished the event with the CIEC Mini Prix designed by Herbert Loeffler. Team Ontario’s Sam Walker flew through the technical jump-off aboard Winnipeg Jet, an 11-year-old Canadian Warmblood mare owned by Grande Farms, for a double clear round and a time of 39.91 for the win. Just a tenth of a second behind was Paige Hodson of Team Saskatchewan and Run Forest Run, Camille Oustiguy’s nine-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, with a time of 39.99 for second place. In third with a jump-off time of 43.62 was Team Ontario’s Abigail Bibbings and Mayreau, her 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare.

Jumping results

Place / Rider / Hometown / Horse

1st / Sam Walker / Nobleton, ON/ Winnipeg Jet
2nd / Paige Hodson / Casa Rio, SK / Run Forest Run*
3rd / Abigail Bibbings / London, ON / Mayreau
4th / Susan Pyke / Yoho, ON / Mighty Murphy
5th / Alexa Bennett / York, ON / Tenacity
6th / Justine Cloutier / Waterville, QC / Elf
7th / Katz Pillar / Abbotsford, BC / Charlotte*
8th / Stéphanie Bourassa / Laval, QC / Whisper-O
9th /Nikki Snazel / Uxbridge, ON / What Ever Man
10th / Maggie Omer-Canitz / Saskatoon, SK / Indigo*

Elizabeth Barkley has ‘Dun’ it Good

Running into the ring to a sliding stop began the final run for the 2014 CIEC reiners. Team Ontario member, Elizabeth Barkley and her 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare, A Little Dun It, won the class with 69.5 points. All weekend she has been giving it her all and it paid off today. Her spins were consistent, and showed off her horse and had no hesitations in her roll backs. In second with 69 points was Team Quebec’s Stéphanie Aubut and her eight-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, Smart Custom Star. Two of Quebec’s team mates, Meghan Côté and Geneviève Côté, were tied for third with 68.5 points. Meghan Côté rode her seven-year old Quarter Horse mare, Top Meg Boogies and Geneviève Côté rode Captain Whizy Jack, Audrey Ann Bergeron’s six-year-old Quarter Horse gelding.

Reining results

Place / Rider / Hometown / Horse / Score

1st / Elizabeth Barkley / Pefferlaw, ON / A Little Dun It / 69.5
2nd / Stéphanie Aubut / L’Ange-Gardien, QC / Smart Custom Star / 69
3rd / Meghan Côté / St-Jean Chrysostone, QC / Top Meg Boogies / 68.5
3rd / Geneviève Côté / St-Jean Chrysostone, QC / Captain Whizy Jack / 68.5
5th / Kathy Furtado / Pefferlaw, ON / She’s A Great Deal / 68
5th / Rhonas Thomson / Trenton, NS / Sumac Royal Theory / 68
7th / Katrina Butler / Conception Bay South, NL / Nacho* / 67.5
8th / Noah MacAskill / Sydney, NS / Chex Nu Doll / 67
8th / Carol Weiler / Saskatoon, SK / Rowdy Flashy Lass* / 67
10th / Kimberly Audet / Fleurimont, QC / Dun It In Whiz / 66.5