Internationally renowned trainer and personal coach, Chris Irwin, has joined’s stellar line-up of bloggers.

Fans can find him at where, in the spirit of iconic books such as Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague, Irwin will share weekly musings on all manner of current events expressed from the perspective of a horse.

Irwin, author of Horses Don’t Lie and Dancing With Your Dark Horse, is well-known for his ability to understand and communicate with horses, and has had tremendous success helping horses and humans work together.

Through his Equine Assisted Personal Development workshops at his Riversong Ranch Equestrian Retreat in Whitecourt, Alberta, Irwin is at the forefront of the “horse sense for human potential” movement. Having conducted these popular personal growth workshops for several years, Irwin recently developed an equine assisted leadership program at the University of Guelph, which is the first university accredited equine assisted program in Canada.

He has also developed a very successful Train the Trainer certification program, with courses designed to help trainers hone their skills in terms of diagnosing issues and improving groundwork and equitation. Irwin has certified more than 150 trainers in Canada, the US, Bermuda, Mexico, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, England and South Africa.

In everything he does, Irwin emphasizes the importance of learning and reading equine body language in order to understand horses’ needs and facilitate effective communication between species. Irwin encourages people to “become the better horse” using this knowledge, resulting in stronger relationships and willing partnerships.
The unique style of Irwin’s new blog is intended to help us adapt the predator nature of human behaviour to be more balanced and cooperative with that of the horse’s prey-animal drive. Irwin will welcome input and topic suggestions, and looks forward to injecting some horse sense into this crazy world!

A former contributor to Horse Sport and Horse-Canada magazines, Irwin is excited to return to the Horse Publications Group family, where he will be able to reach a large audience of horse lovers on which experiences more than 330,000 pageviews every year.