For one horsey family in England, the matter of what to do with a beloved but past-its-prime horse trailer (or horse box to the Brits) seemed like a no-brainer. The Othens, Angie and husband Paul, shipped off the old Rice two-horse to be converted into a bar – yes you heard that correctly – so they could host weddings and other events at their farm, Catherington Equestrian Center and also to hire it out.

The Filly & Fox – before.

All seemed like it was going according to plan until Covid-19 brought the wedding and party business to a grinding halt. But no matter, Angie knew how to pivot, and soon her socially-distanced outdoor Picnic at the Paddock and Party at the Paddock food and drink business was launched despite a raging pandemic. She dubbed the Rice trailer the Filly & Fox and it doubles as a café by day (that’s the picnic part) and a bar by night (that’s the party factor).

“We had to think outside the box, so we set the box up in a paddock,” the mother of three told a local news outlet. “It was fantastically received and is now affectionately known as The Picnic Paddock by day and The Party Paddock by night!”

The menu includes food offerings ranging from pizza, cakes, picnic boxes and barbecue to be enjoyed outside in a pony paddock surrounded by horses. According to the company’s website,  the Party Paddock serves up a mix of non-alcoholic beverages and also boasts a fully-stocked bar. Up to 120 people can be hosted for a private party.

According to Othen the enterprise has proved to be very popular with locals. “The customers have been very supportive and helpful. They visit our paddock with their families and friends and bring their horses as well.”

We will say this: the idea of a party paddock and horse box bar fall into the “why didn’t I think of that?” category. Cheers!

The Party Paddock set up for a birthday celebration.